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For commercial and industrial cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Hot Mops is one of the leading commercial cleaning contractors in Tauranga & Rotorua. We have very high standards, which we’ve exceeded time and time again. Our communication and follow ups are important to us and our partners, we make it a high priority. Our daily / weekly auditing allows us to be proactive and provide consistent quality. Couple that with hiring the right people and training them to be accountable, and you’ve got a long-term partnership.

Industries We Serve

office cleaning services tauranga rotorua
heathcare clinic cleaning tauranga rotorua
school cleaning tauranga rotorua

Others: – Financial Institutions – Movie Theaters – Restaurants – Distribution Centers – Airports – More…

Why Choose Us?

Most cleaning companies claim to do certain things and never do and the ones that do are never consistent. At Hot Mops our vigorous training program and specialized audits make us one of the best in the industry. How our professionals go the extra mile for you:

hot mops cleaning servicesPhoto’s taken – Photos are taken after every shift (unless stated otherwise by you) then taken back to the office and processed. They are then given to your cleaners the next day, to fix any issues found.

hot mops cleaning servicesReports – Reports are taken on a weekly basis. This involves processing audits and communicating back to you if any health and safety issues have been found.

hot mops cleaning servicesAbove & Beyond – Your quality cleaners are trained to go above and beyond. This includes extra tasks not included in the general cleaning specs.

hot mops cleaning servicesCommunity – All our staff are proud locals who are passionate about their work and their community. At Hot Mops we do full background checks..screen aggressively and hire only those who we regard as high quality and fit into the Hot Mops system.

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